Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Man can BAKE

I've got to do a little bragging on my love, Aiden. He's a trained chef, baker, and RN. I have been so blessed to have him in the kitchen for the past six years haha. He has taught me so much, even though I've always loved to cooked…being in the kitchen with him has opened an entirely new world of learning and experimenting with food, spices, etc. Food is so wonderful, and it brings our family together on a daily basis. As a homeschooling family, I'm able to teach cooking as a subject, which my children absolutely love…my son more than my daughter, however. :) He has great potential! Anyways, we have some company visiting this week from Florida, and so Aiden baked his famous cinnamon rolls. Once upon a time he used to bake for a local coffee shop, he made these cinnamon rolls there and they'd sell out before the pan ever hit the counter. I mean, they are like slap your mama good. He uses all natural, organic ingredients, and makes a vegan coffee icing as well as an organic cream cheese icing, for we have multiple preferences in the house…he's so kind. hehe. Unfortunately, I cannot share the recipe with you all, for it's family secret, however I did snap a photo to share with you all the gloriousness that presented itself upon my work desk this morning. I am in love. Enjoy! <3

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Food and Family

Food brings people together. I adore cooking with my family and/or cooking with my friends…communally, moving through the kitchen with each other fluidly like we were meant to be exactly where we were standing, putting away dishes, cleaning, cooking, all simultaneously, without thought. it's so perfect, to share the space as one, and to come together to create something so beautifully that we can share.
About US::: We are a mostly plant-based household, we cook a lot of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes, and we sometimes use dairy, hence vegetarian, (however, it must either be local or organic for we do not support factory farming.) We are open to all ideas and possibilities when it comes to food, but the most important factor is buying locally, growing our own produce and herbs whenever possible, and shopping organic as often as we can. I'll often share photos on this blog, random quotes and photographs of kitchens, anything related to cooking…along side my personal photographs and foodie adventures. :)
Happy cooking, friends! <3 Xx lis